Sheedy Student Launches Mobile App to Save Drivers Time, Money

Author: Paul Blashcko

Routora Co-founder and Sheedy Student, Brian George

Sheedy Family Program student Brian George -- along with his co-founders -- launched his much anticipated mobile app. Utilizing AI technology, the Routora app automatically reorders drivers' stops to give them faster, more cost-efficient multi-stop routes. These optimized routes are then uploaded directly into the drivers' navigation app of choice: Google Maps, Apple Maps, or Waze.

Over the past year, Routora's Chrome extension made waves in the navigation space, accumulating 20,000+ drivers and saving them over 1 million miles. However, many users have been eagerly awaiting a mobile version of the Chrome extension. Today the app is officially available to download on both iOS and Android. “We’re giving drivers the ability to easily save time on the road and money spent on fuel, all from the palm of their hand,” says Routora Co-founder and CEO Tom Vazhekatt.


Press Release Visual 2
A Visual Released by Routora to Promote the New Product

George, who is a junior at Notre Dame, participates in Sheedy programming alongside roughly 60 of his fellow Notre Dame students. And he has shared some of his experience as a co-founder across those programs: at this year's opening SFP retreat, in the Business in Context gateway course, at Sheedy "Dinner & Dialogue" events, and more.


According to his company's press release, using the app has many benefits: "Whether you’re traveling, running errands, planning a road trip, or simply someone who values their time, this app is designed for you. However, this is a particularly big win for drivers in the gig economy. With a surge in online shopping, the need for independent contractors in the delivery space has grown tremendously over the past few years. This has led to the emergence of programs such as Amazon Flex, Walmart Spark, Shipt, and Roadie. Since these drivers use their own car and gas money to do deliveries, there is a significant need for a solution that minimizes trips to the gas station. The bottom line is that it’s a huge pain for drivers with lots of stops over large, unfamiliar areas to try and reorder them by hand. Through the use of AI technology, Routora enables drivers to enter the stops they intend to visit, and then optimizes their route with the simple tap of a button."

Asked about George and his efforts, the Sheedy Family Program's founding director, Prof. Paul Blaschko, expressed pride and encouragement. "Brian is a perfect example," he said, "Of one way that our students bring business and the liberal arts together. He's studying finance and history. In Monday's Business in Context class a guest lecturer told us about the history of the railroads and how increasing the efficiency of travel literally changed the trajectory of the United States forever. And then here's Brian. He's not just studying that history, he's incorporating it into his entrepreneurship. I'm so massively proud of what he and his team have accomplished, and am grateful that he's proving what we mean when we say that Notre Dame can be a 'force for good in the world,' or that Mendoza can be a place where we 'grow the good in business.' Brian's living that, and it's amazing to see."

In addition to the benefits they foresee for individual users, Routora is also eager to highlight the environmental benefits they anticipate will accompany widespread use of the app: "In an era where sustainability is at the forefront of global concerns, the Routora mobile app is a step in the right direction for eco-conscious travelers. This app seems to be popular amongst individuals and companies looking for more sustainable solutions for travel. Navigating through the Routora website, the mission is clear: empower users to navigate the world more efficiently while minimizing their carbon footprint. Routora embodies a future where innovative technology and environmental responsibility intersect."

To learn more about Brian's company, visit or download the "Routora" on the app store today.