The Program

The Sheedy Family Program in Economy, Enterprise, and Society is a community at Notre Dame where students and professors dedicated to exploring business and the liberal arts can do so through dedicated coursework, collaborative research, meaningful dialogue, and purpose-driven career discernment.

Students pursuing academic programs in both the College of Arts and Letters and the Mendoza College of Business are eligible to apply for this selective, cohort-based program.

Our primary aims are: 

  1. to connect students with a serious interest in business and the liberal arts with each other and with faculty and industry leaders,
  2. to provide intellectually rigorous academic programming for students seeking to cultivate skills and acquire experience as researchers, scholars, and practitioners of business, and 
  3. to help students navigate Notre Dame’s excellent job training and professional development opportunities with an eye toward deep and meaningful career discernment.

We do this by providing program participants with resources, such as: 

  • Dedicated coursework uniting business and the liberal arts
  • Eligibility for internal and external internship funding
  • Research funding and mentorship
  • Program retreats 
  • Research and writing boot camps
  • Community dinners and dialogue events
  • Talks from local faculty
  • Lectures from visiting faculty and industry professionals
  • Career planning and recruitment events

Frequently Asked Questions

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