The Program

The Sheedy Family Program in Economy, Enterprise, and Society is a robust intellectual community. Students, faculty, and industry leaders explore the intersections of business and the liberal arts through rigorous coursework, collaborative research, meaningful dialogue, and purpose-driven career discernment.

Students pursuing academic programs in both the College of Arts and Letters and the Mendoza College of Business are eligible to apply for this selective, cohort-based program.

Our primary aims are: 

  1. To build community among students with a serious interest in business and the liberal arts and to connect them with faculty and industry leaders in their fields.
  2. To provide a rigorous curriculum that helps students more holistically connect their liberal arts education to their training in business, including enriching their perspectives on business and work through humanities-style dialogue.
  3. To cultivate professional development opportunities that help students with liberal arts backgrounds bring those backgrounds to bear in their professional lives; to help students navigate Notre Dame’s excellent job training resources and networks with an eye toward meaningful career discernment.

We do this by providing program participants with resources, such as: 

  • Rigorous coursework at the intersection of business and the liberal arts
  • Eligibility for internal and external internship funding
  • Research funding and mentorship
  • Program retreats 
  • Research and writing boot camps
  • Community dinners and dialogue events
  • Immersive business treks
  • Hands-on workshops from visiting business leaders
  • Career planning and recruitment events

Frequently Asked Questions

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