Honors Track

Students Collaborating In The Library

Once admitted into the Sheedy Family Program, students can choose to apply for the honors track in the spring of their sophomore or junior years. Honors track students, called Sheedy Scholars, are offered all the same opportunities as participants in the more general program, as well as some additional resources to develop their scholarly abilities and gain meaningful research experience. Such resources include: 

  • Additional internship funding and research support
  • Scholarly training and development opportunities
  • Research-intensive mentorship from affiliated faculty

Thesis requirement

Sheedy Scholars are expected to write a thesis (under the supervision of a faculty advisor) at the intersection of business and the liberal arts, and many of the additional resources are aimed at supporting their efforts in this project.

Applying to the honors track

To apply to be a Sheedy Scholar, students will submit an application, a thesis proposal, evidence of academic excellence (e.g. a GPA of 3.75 or higher, a statement of intent, the name of a faculty recommender, etc).

This application process is separate from the general application you'll find on this website. More information will be provided directly to program participants at the relevant time.